Places that are definitely worth visiting.

Getting lost in the network of streets and white houses that make up the historic center of the municipality of Teulada is another of the great attractions for its visitors, around the church of Santa Catalina, there is a whole network of cobbled streets with great charm, between The many historic and interesting buildings that can be found in its historic center include the following:

  • Presor House
  • Parish Church of Santa Catalina
  • Chapel of Sant Vicent Ferrer
  • The Chapel of the Divine Shepherdess
  • The Jurats i Justicies Room, among others.
  • ‘La Villa’, as this group of streets in the historic center is known, was, in its day, surrounded by a wall.

One of the most recommended walks to get to know and enjoy the historic center of Teulada is the one that begins in the Plaza de la Constitución to go through its narrow streets and observing its typical white houses and its different historical buildings, More info here.


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